Event driven programs key features

Service oriented Service oriented is a software and software architecture pattern based on certain parts of software providing different networking application functionality as services to other applications. User Interface A user interface includes everything that a user does with the GUI or to a form that is running on a program.

This idea is not new: It could be accessed easily by the linker. The loops Event driven programs key features testing the interface todetect whether anything has happened, such as clickingon a button or typing into a textbox etc. Time driven would also you would have different patterns these would include things such as periodic activation pattern.

Simplicity of programming Simplicity of programming is when an event driven language has simpler coding language meaning that when making a program coding it would be easier can faster.

It prints out a message that shows position at 0 of sLastName G. Another event would be something like keyboard pressing because every time that you press a keyboard you would get an output on the screen that would show what key you have pressed.

Ease of development Making a program can be really easy if a programmer is using an event driven language. For example, on a GUI when we press the start menu and then documents, an Event Handler will likely make sure we are taken to documents and not pictures.

These services can be made by programmers in companies and can be released or deployed and applications can use them. The keyboard and mouse are used all the time so GUI and event driven programs work together for it to work.


The prepare query sets the program to poll the device that is responsible for the event. All the objects on a computer have a range of trigger function.

For example, on a large game where you do a match of some kind there could be a timer set and when that timer ends, so does the game. The way that a microwave would use event driven programming languages would be that the microwave would have different settings such as low, medium and a high setting and you would pick the correct setting depending what you put in the microwave, so something which would need a long time in the microwave you would put it on a high setting to make sure that the event has been successful and that it worked without any errors or problems.

Forms control the loading of an event. There are many advantages of Event driven programs Of course, this is not the real purpose of the window title!

This program will deal with inputs that are entered wrong and clear them as errors and it will deal with correct programs in order to make sure they work correctly and do what they should.

Temporal triggers mean triggers set off by duration of time State triggers are when the current situation causes a certain set of procedures to run What is the trigger here?? It can also occur in a for statement, a switch-statement, a for each statement, a using statement or a specific-catch statement or using statement.

The events that happen are what give the programmer the control and this allows them to make the program response in the way they want the program to. The programmer only needs to work on one event that is being controlled.


Which one more closely resembles reality — i. This kind of code item can also be called a function or a sub-routine. To create an event loop there are four processes that are required.

M1- Discuss how an operating system can be viewed as an event driven application This screenshot shows an event button being clicked this would load up the user interface on the screen giving different options to the user.

Variables designate what something is. To sum up you have a function that takes one parameter. Each time the space bar is pressed, the event handler causes the traffic light machine to move to its new state. The third step is the check function which returns the results of the poll to the event loop.

Pre compiled modules are saved,in object form, in a place called "library". Kowtowed is when a key on the keyboard is pressed and a text box is active. After it is divided, it can be tested and debugged section by section.

The procedure can also have its own variables which cannot be used the main program. Juvenile Delinquency Existence In The GrecoRoman Essay The events that happen are what give the programmer the control and this allows them to make the program response in the way they want the program to.

Classes can further accommodate member functions to implement specific functionality. And the two handlers can do different things for their turtles.Published: Mon, 22 May P1 Describe the key features of event driven programming. Event handlers – The GUI is formed of a great deal of built in things such as text boxes, tool icons menus etc.

Key features and characteristics of event-driven programming Service Oriented Service oriented is a key features in event-driven programming that used to write programs that are made for services and it takes does not slow down the computer as service oriented only consume little of the computer processing power and usually services run in the.

Key Features of Event Driven Programs P1 A. Service Orientated: This feature provides a service to the user. The advantage of this feature is that it does not take much of the processing power. Nov 10,  · When using event driven programming it is first important to understand the advantages and key features of the programming type these advantages include service oriented, time driven, event handlers, trigger functions, events including use of mouse, keyboard HTML object, form, user interface, programming loops, flexibility, suitability for graphical interfaces, the simplicity of the.

Nov 07,  · In this blog post I will be covering the key features of event driven programming, this includes service orientated, time driven, event handlers, trigger functions, events, pre-defined functions, local variables, global variables, parameter passing, modularity, procedures, programming libraries, event driven programming.

B: Time driven programming is known as a programming paradigm, where the control flow of the computer program is driven by a clock. This method is often used in real time computing.

unit 14- Event Driven Programming

In event driven programming the time driven feature uses a specific code on a timely basis such as once an hour or once a month therefore this means it is pre-set to do tasks on time.

Event driven programs key features
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